21 Diversity and Inclusion Influencers You Should Know

Credit: Leo Wieling

On my first day as the Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Culture Amp, Jo Cranford, a Director of Engineering sent me a message: “What are we going to do about the t-shirts?” I had no idea what she was talking about - I thought our unisex t-shirts fit great! Jo let me know that was not the case and that many women at Culture Amp were uncomfortable wearing them.

I learned an important lesson - every person has blind spots. As a D&I practitioner, it is my job to cover as many of my blind spots as possible to ensure that I am creating an equitable employee experience, particularly for people on the margins. Every D&I function should follow a diverse group of influencers to ensure their own blind spots are covered.

So, as the Culture Amp team worked to put together our Diversity, Inclusion and Intersectionality report this year, we reflected upon the work of great people who have come before us. Whether it’s running a thought-provoking workshop, leading the charge for inclusion internally, championing diversity in venture capital firms or many other worthy initiatives, these diversity and inclusion influencers have inspired us.

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