All-Inclusive Multiculturalism: Unlocking the Benefits of Diversity

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Two forms of diversity initiatives are frequently implemented in organizations - colorblindness and multiculturalism. They appeal to different diversity ideologies and both have benefits. However, each also contributes to feelings of exclusion. Without careful consideration, many diversity and inclusion initiatives can backfire.

All-inclusive multiculturalism is an approach that offers organizations a way to overcome the limitations of traditional approaches by cultivating inclusion as a starting point for positive organizational change.

Millennials can see right through surface-level tactics and inauthentic approaches to diversity. Single-trait stereotypes are irrelevant in our intersectional world - and individuals are moving past social categorizations to build mutually supportive relationships.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives need to be positioned as including all employees. While recognizing the importance of differences, millennials acknowledge the important role that non-minorities play in workplace diversity. By explicitly including non-minorities in the concept of diversity, an ideological perspective is taken that all groups will enjoy recognition and respect. Task forces, councils, and resource groups should welcome all employees.