Inspired Wisdom Podcast: Steven Huang

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

I was interviewed by my good friend Cynder Niemela for her Inspired Wisdom Podcast Series. Her interview style was disarming, to say the least! I ended up talking about my failed startup throwing illegal raves. And I guess I'm talking about it now...

Anyway, I wanted to share my perspective as a Millennial trying to find meaningful work and Cynder was gracious enough to give me the platform to do just that. “The little lessons we take away from the obstacles in life often lead us to our most passionate and impactful next chapter.”

If you are a:

  • millennial frustrated with your role and looking for an inspired next step

  • approaching your mid 30’s and you are worried you won’t find “your purpose”

  • conflicted about how to engage millennials

... then check out my podcast interview!